resort design case study

sandals resort,

from concept to construction.

Luxury meets tropical chic at this award-winning, all-inclusive resort set along the south coast of Barbados. From concept through to construction, the team at Design Landscape Architects carefully considered the expectations of the brand’s international clientele by designing seamless and transitional spaces amidst elements of tropicality, creating an uninterrupted flow between the established structures and natural elements of the coastal resort. A nod to Barbadian history is made through the preservation of the property’s bearded fig trees, which are showcased through design to serve as points of interest for guests.

harmonising branding elements.

On-site branding elements were framed by foliage and complemented by delicate water and lighting details, thoughtfully transforming what would otherwise be stand-out lettering features into more subtly integrated and inviting accent walls seen throughout the resort. As evening draws in, this particular feature wall becomes an elegant backdrop alongside a main thoroughfare with warm lighting, fire and a waterfall feature showcasing this key branding element as a dramatic focal point and photo opportunity.

privacy through tropicality

Tropical species including the likes of the Foxtail Palm, Philodendrons and the flowering Mussaenda trees were selected to embrace the resort’s exterior as a means of lending to greater privacy for guests to enjoy. Introducing this diverse palette of plants to these intimate spaces not only allows for moments of seclusion to be met from within each of the property’s suites, but also adds to an aesthetic exterior that repositions them as tropical havens.

co-mingling through comfort.

The grounding elements of fire and water harmonise in our co-mingling spaces along the seafront stretch, where large fire pits lend to conversation and relaxation with a view. As an adults-only couples’ resort, we ensured that these sensory spaces provided guests with the opportunity to gather, interact and lounge together while seated within the welcoming comforts of the Caribbean.

interactivity on lush greenery.

The inclusion of the large, multi-use ‘Great Lawn’ also serves as a deliberated means of breaking up the resort with a sprawling green space ideal for facilitating a range of activities from planned special events, contemplation, passive sports or an afternoon game of chess or croquet between guests.