made to be

we design.
it's that simple.

At Design Landscape Architects, we believe in the power of creating experiences, connections and memories through design. With nature at the core of our work, our overriding goal is to integrate the grounding elements of nature with your everyday lifestyle.

We design so that the way you live, work, relax and experience is attuned to everything that surrounds you. Landscape architecture examines the environment encircling the given site, it scrutinises how to seamlessly shift from space to space, how to harmonise human nature with Mother Nature. This blend of the environment, design and people guides and drives our creative process, creating a unique experience for every client.

We design so that you experience a space intrinsically linked to your surroundings – it’s that simple.

our passion

creating places
with purpose.

We believe that each and every space should have purpose. Going beyond both built and unbuilt elements, beyond the mere components of greenery and directly to the experience. To the moments that should be shared with the people who matter most. Our passion is to remind people to reconnect, reground and realise the value of our relationship with nature and with each other; to put purpose into the spaces we design.

For residential design, this means giving families a space to grow together. Resort design allows people to appreciate and embrace the very essence of Caribbean living, and commercial design focuses on bringing about a balance between business and our underlying grounding elements.

live through design

our core design beliefs


Creating spaces where family grows together in comfort; because family is where your home is, and home is where memories are made.


Adapting design to create seamless shifts between one space to another.


Ensuring our designs reflect an ever-changing environment.


Providing people with the opportunity to embrace the here and now.


Encouraging people to reconnect with not only nature, but with one another.


Allowing people to fully appreciate the journey, from both designer and consumer perspective.