commercial design case study

one welches, barbados.

contrasting the corporate.

The highlight of this project was the opportunity to move away from more conventional corporate landscaping to introduce elements and spaces that lend to relaxation, reflection and renewed appreciation for flora and fauna in the work environment.

sustainability through and through.

With the developer of the site building guided by the core concept of sustainability, we chose to use this strong narrative to navigate our own design process. The selection of a palette of plants that would thrive in the exposed conditions offered by this site, along with the strategic placing of particular plants to favour shading of the building were key design inclusions that reflected this overarching sustainable approach to the project.

replenishing and reinvigorating.

The main challenge of this site was the unhindered exposure to a busy highway, serving as a prime entry point for pollutants on the landscape. This was alleviated through the introduction of highly tolerant species of plants such as colourful varieties of oleander and bougainvillea, as well as several species of tropical palms incorporated throughout the property. When used together, these elements add vibrant variations of colour and verticality to the site to further enhance the immersive botanical experience.

the pivotal role of nature in designing a balanced workspace.

The flexibility granted to us in this development allowed us to carve out a balanced work environment where botanical features could feature at the forefront, creating interest in transient spaces as well as lending to open seating areas. Here, the inclusion of colourful species and thoughtfully placed water elements allow for those who work within the built environment to step away from the screen, to reset, refuel and recharge.