shalimar apartments,
st. kitts.

Comprising 8 contemporary condominiums on the South East coast of the island, the Design Landscape Architects team was tasked with the mission of designing a modern environment with elevated touches for the outdoor spaces at Shalimar Apartments in St. Kitts.

careful considerations.

Located on an exposed coastal site, the project required a palette of materials for the soft and hard landscape that would not only endure, but thrive in this environment. These factors, together with limited space and the need for privacy within a multi-residential area, were all crucial considerations in our detailed design process.

sustainability meets design.

Using sustainability to guide design, elements such as vegetated joints between areas of hardscape, and multiple varieties of palms for verticality and tropicality were introduced to provide a welcome contrast to the the modern architectural design of the villas. Natural, subtle tones and textures were also used to soften the modern white tones and dark wood finishes featured throughout this living space.

functional features.

Not only were the grass joints aesthetic additions to this design, but more importantly, they were thoughtfully included as functional features to reduce the heat island effect and glare, while adding an element of porosity to facilitate the recharge of ground water on site.

live by design

creating communal spaces.

One of the key challenges of this project was to accommodate occupant comfort within all communal spaces, while simultaneously offering privacy. This made our design details both crucial and creative, leading to our tiered approach of the deck and transient spaces. Embracing the site’s elevation as an asset, the subtle introduction of built terraces surrounded by tropical landscape allow for privacy by the poolside, yet also enable residents to navigate the space comfortably.