prior park house.

a space that brings family together.

This was the vision for Prior Park House. To create an outdoor oasis; a space to be appreciated and enjoyed by any and all generations. This residential project focused on designing a haven that highlights the comforts of Caribbean living and fosters family time.

a space where family and nature fuse; where generations merge and conversations flow.

The earthy tones selected for this space emulate the surrounding elements of nature, creating that fluidity our design always strives to achieve. The added water feature creates and complements conversation between friends and family against the backdrop of the fundamentals – our grounding elements. Water, earth and fire are incorporated by design, creating a welcoming harmony between landscape and living space.

design to be experienced

the fire pit sets the mood.

The warmth of the fire pit feature in this space evokes easy conversation amidst the hues of natural light offered by the flames, creating that key crossover from house to home, and a pleasant end to any day.