royal westmoreland,

the dreamscape.

Spanning an impressive total of 750 acres, the Royal Westmoreland project provided the Design Landscape Architects team with an expansive playground for our pens. Completing over 25 villas within the last 5 years, this golf and lifestyle community offers residents and guests the ultimate definition of privacy and luxurious amenities, and is the epitome of a landscape architect’s dreamscape. The success of this project is best seen from its common spaces, where bespoke villas and homes are nestled naturally within lush, tropical vegetation, giving each a desired level of privacy aptly preserved and enhanced through our added design elements.

preserving privacy and viewpoints.

A strong palette of tropical palms subtly mixed with medium to large canopy trees and select ornamentals introduced interest to this vast space, while preserving privacy from adjoining properties and the encircling golf course. This also allowed for the valuable view corridors to the sea and captivating sunsets on the island's West Coast to be maintained and framed by lush, tropical foliage.

through great design, challenges become assets.

The project’s rolling topography and elevation changes initially presented itself as a challenge, with large expanses of flat terrain and rolling hills creating an uneven landscape for the Design Landscape Architects team to navigate. This challenge soon became an asset to our design. With a sustainable approach to utilising unwanted spoils from excavation with the locally quarried coral stone boulders, the team incorporated usable terraces serving not only as large entertainment spaces, but creating several levels of interest within curated gardens of the villas.

moments through movement

Green fountain grass spread naturally throughout the space was also maintained to a large degree on the property, creating the sensory experience of sound and sway to put both residents and visitors right back in touch with the grounding elements of nature.

key takeaways.

Overall, the sheer size of Royal Westmoreland’s landscape presented us with a canvas for endless creative possibilities. To strike balance between the bespoke homes and the expanse of surrounding space, we decided to diversify through design. To create layers of interest through elevation, to build tiers through vegetation of varied heights and to encase each private property in its own tropical oasis.